5 Best Football Ball Display Cases

5 Best Football Ball Display Cases

Best Of The Best

Octagon Shaped Football Display Case

Best Bang For Buck

Basic Display Case

Great Design

Football display with awesome stand

Octagon Football Helmet Display Case

Cool Features

Oversized Display Case

Football Ball Display Case shopping guide

As you can see above, shopping for a football display case poses many options.

Here are a couple things to consider to narrow the field. 

  • Shape of case
  • Stand style
  • Price
  • Engraved plaque
  • UV protection 
  • Real glass or acrylic 
  • Mirrors

We do our homework to find value, and a track record of customer satisfaction

We sort through all the products available and reviews, picking the best from different price points and styles. 

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More about the best football display cases

Octagon Football Display Case

Top-shelf Football display case that will protect and enhance your valuable collectable. Mirror on back and bottom of the inside of the display case, to allow full viewing. 

Basic Display Case

If a basic display case can do the job, this case is the one for you. Holds a standard size football. Made from acrylic, this case will keep your collectable clean and fully enclosed.  

Football display with awesome stand

This is a cool display case for a Football that you want to display. The stand holds the Football off the the bottom of the case with a trendy black and gold design. This case is my personal favorite.  

Octagon Football Helmet Display Case

Bonus: Premium display case for  a football helmet. Made with real glass and real wood. Protects your collectable with UV (ultraviolet light) glass. Available in three colors. 

oversized display case

This oversized display case allows room inside for additional accents such as a trading card, picture, or other small items allowing you to be creative with your display. 

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