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No one really knows when the Bar Stool was invented. The stool has had a very successful history serving humanity and is one of the oldest forms of furniture.

Fast forward to present day and the stool is still doing just the job it was intended for, although there are now endless designs and very smart modifications.  Not to mention, the practicability of the Bar Stool has allowed this chair to find a place in many of our workplaces, coffee shops, and of course our homes.

The classic bar stool sends a message to your guest that its time to loosen up and have some fun. If you are going for a bar theme Man Cave you will definitely need bar stools, no question.

Where Will You Find Bar Stools In Your Home?

  • Bar – Many people choose to have a bar in their Man Caves. No bar would be complete without pulling up a stool and have a beer at the hospitality of the host. This is the highest of the bar stools.
  • Kitchen – The kitchen Island, and the Peninsula are a very popular home trend. The Kitchen Island provides much need countertop space and makes the kitchen so much more practical to use. The Kitchen Island has also provided us with a very convenient and practical space to grab a quick breakfast, or to have the kids eat while the everyday cooking duties are being completed.
  • Garage – The average shade-tree machinic does not have a hoist to get a car up in the air to work on. So we have to get down low to work on the brakes or suspension of the car. The mechanic’s stool is a very handy tool to have on hand to be able to get comfortable. The stool for this purpose is built low. They usually have wheels to move around without getting up. Also, they quite often have a tray under the seat area to hold tools or nuts and bolts that you have to keep close tabs on.
  • Drafting Table or Desk – The bar stool is compact, light and easy to maneuver and can be the chair of choice or at least add variety to a busy home office.
  • Detached Office or Man Cave Shed –  Perfect chair for working at a bench and takes up as little space as possible.
  • But what if you are not having a bar, on this page, I will dive deep into why I think Bar Stools are a great option for your Man Cave and when a chair normal height chair would be better.

Bar Stool – The Ultimate Space Saver

If you have ever asked yourself, “How can I fit more seats at my table?’ Then I have the answer for you!

Example: Jenny has a table that sits 4 people via dining chairs. She would like to host a board game party but she has 7 friends that she wants to invite. 

Solution? A set of 4 stackable bar stools. The bar stool will fit, one on each corner of the table. Unlike a chair, the Bar Stool is less clunky and is less affected by the legs of the table. 

When she is done hosting the stools will stack away nicely in any nook or cranny.


  • Jenny has extra seating, that was inexpensive to buy
  • The seating takes up minimal space while in use and not in use
  • Stools are available to fit any table height


  • The stools don’t match
  • The stools don’t have a backrest
  • Jenny has to store the stools when not in use

Bar stools tuck away very nicely. Most people have limited space, who are we kidding everyone could use a bit more. A Bar Stool strikes a balance between being useful but still very compact.

If you are using a Bar Stool with your kitchen island, it can literally push under the breakfast bar and be invisible until need. How useful is that!

With these features, the stool has had a very successful history of humanity and is one of the oldest forms of furniture. Fast forward to present day and the stool is still doing just the job it was intended for, although there are now endless designs and very smart modifications.

Bar Stool Vs Chair – Footprint

Have you ever bought a couch in a showroom and when it was delivered it felt too large for the room that it was bought for?

This is the concept of overall floorplan and space allotment. Not something people usually think about until they realize they are in a room with too much stuff.

Footprint – The footprint of a chair or any type of furniture is how much floor space the item occupies. To give you an idea of space allowances, expert designers have these guidelines.

  • 12sq/ft per person is ideal to keep your space from feeling crowded.
  • Don’t block natural light with furniture.
  • Allow for a flow of traffic, coffee tables are often too big and in the way.
  • Keeping your furniture slightly off the walls makes a room feel bigger.
  • Balance, keep your large pieces spread out over the room.

Common decorating techniques have a general practice of placing large pieces of furniture in rooms that have space to fit the piece but also allowing for breathing room.

Most people prefer this environment of an open and not cluttered space.

Typical Bar Stool footprint – 14 x 14 inches

Typical Chair footprint – 19 x 17 inches

The Bar Stool can save space where it is needed.

Bar Stools – Keep People Close To Their Feet

You may not think about it but getting up and down out of a chair can get trying. OK, maybe not once or twice but if you are playing darts or pool with friends you are constantly getting up from your seat at a rate of 20 times per hour.

This is an application that a bar stool not only adds to the atmosphere but is a practical way to keep your friends ready to spring into action. An added benefit is that a sitting person and a standing person can have a face to face conversation because of the seating height.

Similarly, a sitting and a standing person can have ideal access to a bar high table, providing a place to rest a beverage or snack. Are you starting to see why the Bar Stool has been so successful in our everyday life, it is just practical.

Bar Stools – Set The Mood

Bar Stools undebatably set a mood. The word bar is right in the name. The word bar represents adult beverages. Adult beverages mean letting the day’s stresses go and loosening up. So I think the mood is pointed in a specific direction from the start.

Studies have shown that having fun and getting a little silly is very good for your mental health. Studies have also shown that just being in an environment that has a good atmosphere can have created a good mood in a person. So remember when furnishing your Man Cave to keep your goal in mind and work toward creating that mood.

Life Hack to host the best game-watching experiences!

Set the mood by using decor. If you are a big baseball fan and enjoys having the guys over to watch the game, decorate your Man Cave with a baseball theme. 

When someone enters that space they will see baseball and start to think and get excited about baseball. The decor is building hype, which builds excitement. 

People don’t realize why they are excited to watch, they just know that they are into it, and they are having fun. The Amazing thing is that even if the picture was placed on the wall by you, the same psychology will affect you as well. 

If you want to be a master of this hype building technique. Swap out the large picture to represent what game the hype is about on any given night. So while hosting a baseball game, hang the poster of Yankees stadium, on football night, swap it for Lambeau Field. 

People will have the best time at your place and not know the work you have done to make it happen.

Feel like taking the hype to the next level?

Your group of friends has different personalities. Some guys are quiet and some guys are the life of the party and everything in-between. 

Zero in on that guy that is the life of the party and seems to get excited about everything. It seems counterintuitive but this is the guy you want to hype up. I know you are thinking that that guy has enough energy as it is, but remember that this guy’s energy is contagious, and the more fun he has, the more he will pull the whole group into the party. 

So give that guy a special glass, let him wear the mascot mask, he will entertain and keep everything lively for hours. 

Bar Stools Heights – What Height Do You Need?

Unlike the everyday chair,  the height and language associated with Bar Stool descriptions can be misleading. This is because they have been adapted to use in different environments.

Ask anyone who has looked for a bar stool for their kitchen island, the language surrounding bar stools can be misleading to the actual height.

If you are on the market for a bar stool for any use I would recommend referring to the chart below and know the actual height you need in inches rather than loosely used terms.

So here is a breakdown of the Bar Stool heights and uses that will make everything crystal clear.

  • Bar – Not so surprising the number one environment you will find a bar stool is at a bar. The standard height of a bar in your local pub is 42 inchesYour seat height should be approx 29 inches.
  • Kitchen Island – Your kitchen island is set at a standard height of 36 inchesThis is also the height of Pub style dining room tables. Your seat height should be approx 24 inches.
  • Dining Table – Stardand dining room table is 30 inches. Your seat is approx 18 inches.
  • Low Stool – This type of stool is low to the ground and is great for working on cars, fishing or camping. Under 18 inches.


Bar Stool Height Chart

Bar Stool Height Chart


Bar Stool – Instrument Friendly

Every try playing the guitar in an armchair? If so, you will know that it is not the ideal jam session seat.

Bar Stools are the perfect the solution to this and are why you will not see an acoustic performance without this type of seat. Without armrest, you are free to move and handle an instrument such as a guitar.

The Stool provides a firm surface an encourages an upright posture that will keep the musician energetic and comfortable for long periods of time. Lightweight and easy to maneuver stools are great for moving in and out of an area or pushing aside.

Signers like to perch on a stool as well as it postures the body in a more favorable position.

Remember This Practical Classic

So remember this practical classic seating option, the Bar Stool, available in all your height needs and usable throughout your home, office or rec room.

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