5 Best Battery Powered Wall Lights

5 Best Wireless Lights with long battery life

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LED Wall Light

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6 wireless puck lights

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Indoor/Outdoor Motion Sensing LED Ceiling Light

wireless Chrome Wall Sconce

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Indoor And Outdoor

Wireless Lights with long battery life shopping guide

A light can quickly and easily enhances the atmosphere and character of your Man Cave. Great addition to poorly lit staircase, closet or anywhere you need. 

A battery powered light does not look like a battery power light may be just what you are looking for. No wiring, quick installation in any location you choose, and long battery life. This wireless solution is practical and easy for anyone who is in need of more light or a interior decorator’s touch. 

LED light is very efficient on power. Coupled with a motion sensor and auto shut off, you can get up to a year of use on each set of batteries with 6-10 activation a day.

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LED Wall Light

Amazingly attractive. Provides piratical light while also casting a beam on your wall to add atmosphere and character to your Man Cave.  Its compact size works great in staircases or dark hallways. 

6 wireless puck lights

Super efficient LED Puck Lights are great for under counter, stairs, or use as a pot light on the ceiling, and so many more uses. Activate with a touch or by using the remote. This puck light has a timer for 15, 30, 60 and 120 min timer. 

Indoor/Outdoor Motion Sensing LED Ceiling Light

With this lights discreet design this ceiling light will provide a year of use on a single set of batteries (based on 8-10 activations a day)

wireless Chrome Wall Sconce

This Wireless Wall Sconce is designed to be a continuous running light. With quick and easy installation, this is a great solution for adding light where it is needed. 3 AA batteries provides 20-25 hours of run-time. 

Indoor And Outdoor

Stylish and large (6″ W x 10″ H). This light will provide 200 hours of life on 6 AA batteries. These lights make great decoration and with a built in timer, the batteries will not unnecessarily drain. 

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