Cheap Man Cave Furniture

Cheap Man Cave Furniture

Money, We all want it and we want to keep it! I’m going to explain to you how to get Cheap Man Cave Furniture without sacrificing quality or selection. Sound impossible? Actually, in most cases, the selection will be much more. I will explain the pros and cons of different ways of interacting with the marketplace and how a bit of research can go a long way.

Why is it worth my time to save a few bucks? Really it is much more than a few bucks. For example, Let’s say you need eight bar stools for your Man Cave. You see them $15 cheaper online than your local department store. Not a big price difference right?, Wrong. That $15 per chair adds up, saving you $120, more than just a few bucks right?

What is the catch? Below I will talk about what the catch is, and how different items can be more appealing to purchase in different parts of the marketplace. My goal is to make it simple and easy to understand my suggestions and strategies to save money on Man Cave Furniture.

Save Money

Where To Buy Cheap Furniture – Types Of Marketplaces

Physical Retail

What are the problems? The physical store just does not offer anything special to bring people in. This was OK when all stores were physical. Nowadays we have a choice. If I can avoid pushy salespeople, or on the opposite end of the spectrum, employees who are not too excited about their job. Maybe I will choose to stay at home and shop from my computer screen.


  • People value face to face interactions.
  • People have always used physical retail, it is very trusted.
  • You can see before you buy. Touch the demo or try on the shirt.
  • You take your product home right away
  • Need physical store for groceries


  • Stores are only open at set hours
  • Don’t have good online experience
  • Slow to adjust to changing market
  • Overhead cost is passed on to costumers
  • 9000 physical retail stores closed in 2017
  • Can’t find what you are looking for, no stock

Online Shopping

Most physical stores are open 12 to 14 hours a day. Online stores are open 24/7. Always ready to do business. This is a big advantage. Another big advantage is picking out what you want and knowing if it is in stock or not. Going to a physical location just to find out that they are out of stock is frustrating. Especially if you have done your research and are not willing to substitute your choice for another item.

The great thing about shopping online is that the inventory is at a central warehouse, so the stock numbers are known and the selection is better.


  • 24 hour open
  • More selection
  • In stock or not, no guessing games
  • Low overhead is passed on to consumer
  • Established and trusted
  • Delivered


  • Must do all your own research
  • Digital goods have no physical presence (ebooks, iTunes)
  • Shipping and delivery cost

Thrift Stores, Surplus, Clearance, Flea Markets

Like shopping for a deal at thrift stores? This is a great way to get stuff cheap, the problem is you must sacrifice time and have a way to transport your buys. Unlike buying a TV stand at Ikea, it will not be disassembled and put into a flat box that will slip into your trunk. It may be the same Ikea TV stand, at 1/4 the price, but assembled and not about to fit into the trunk of your car.


  • Unbeatable prices
  • Can find a “diamond in the rough” if lucky and score a super deal
  • Fun treasure hunting experience


  • No returns
  • Refurnished or rejected products
  • May not find what you are looking for
  • Hard to match items
  • Lack of trust, not a reputable seller


What Is Going On With Physical Retail?

Physical Stores, Retail Stores, Big Box Stores, Department Stores, Malls. No matter what you call it, the retail sector is going through major changes.

Stores are closing, but it is not just online sales, it is Walmart. The mass public is willing to move their shopping dollars to where ever the best deals are. Walmart has low prices, and the numbers show that low prices bring people in.

Physical Stores are closing because all the shopping dollars are going to Walmart and Amazon. These two companies look very different to the consumer but are very similar. They are fighting for your money and the competition is great for the consumer. Each is using the low price strategy to bring in customers and the battle is raging behind the scenes.

What is going on with physical retail? The marketplace only has so much room. Physical retail didn’t do anything wrong, they just operated like they did for decades. But then online sales came along. Online sales offered something new, convenient, a chance to research a product by just opening another tab on your internet explorer.

eBay Paved The Road For Online Sales

EBay’s core business started as an online auction, and to many people that is the type of marketplace, it is, although eBay is much more these days. In the beginning, you could bid on an item and the highest bid took it.

The auction format is fun and exciting, and a good way to get your hands on unique items. This didn’t really compete with a lot of retail dollars because the service offered was very different from physical retail.

How eBay Helped Online Sales – PayPal Changed How We Think

The core problem with e-commerce in its infancy was getting money from buyer to seller in a way that kept both parties safe and protected. eBay paved the road for online sales by showing everyone it was possible to make transactions in a safe and secure way.

eBay had a problem to solve. Getting digital dollars from buyer to seller without giving up personal information. eBay bought PayPal as a two-year-old company and filled a gap in the eBay business model.

PayPal is the real reason why eBay works, and really a good deal of other e-commerce rely on the trust that PayPal demands. With the good experience that PayPal gave customers, people became more willing to shop online, knowing that their money was safe with the third party broker.

With this came a trust in the technology of online payment and later a wiliness to transfer the trust to large online, reputable stores. When other large online retailers came along, the trust of online payment was no longer an issue.


Buying online is safe

Walmart Paved The Road For Seller Of  Low Prices And Good Quality

Would you pay more for good quality? I bet you answered yes, but it is not that simple. Walmart has proven that the price is the number one way to make sales, maybe not to everyone, but enough to turn the physical retail sector upside down. The closing of much of the physical retail we see in this country is because much of the business is moving to Walmart.

So people buy at Walmart and realize that the quality great and are very happy with the price. They now move forward with the view that getting something cheap, is no longer associated with a waste of money.

Attitudes Are Changing About Quality

Morden retailers have shown us that low prices don’t always mean low quality. Let’s talk about a person that wants a TV stand for example. To most, a high-quality piece of furniture would be some sort of real wood, put together with dovetails and glue. A beautiful display of craftsmanship, and built solid enough to last generations.

But at a price point of 10 or 20 times the cost of a pressed wood version at Walmart, people choose Walmart. The economics shows that people are not willing to spend the money. The increase of value in materials and labor has little value to the consumer. Ultimately people do not have the money, and the low priced TV stand does the same job.

The quality is better than people think. Online retailers do not want bad reviews, it lowers trust and its bad for business. Low-quality items are called out in reviews all the time, via bad reviews, and those items will fail in the online market.

This is forcing the manufactures to make better products and forcing suppliers to source better products. That is what is required to do business with the world’s largest online retail seller, and keeping customers happy.

Fast Good Cheap


Types Of Shoppers

There is room for everyone in the marketplace. It is not always about convenience. Some people would never buy a pair of glasses online because they don’t think that it is something that can transfer to an online purchase. Others prefer the online experience and would not go to the store location no matter how convenient the physical store was located.

I think to win in the marketplace you have to be willing to go where the best prices are, all the while finding the right balance of quality and convenience. The best way to do this is to know the value of the items you want. Marketing techniques can be clever, know your prices, and you will know when a good deal is in front of you.

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