5 Best Family Guy Mugs – Something For The Super Fan

5 Best Family Guy Mugs -
Something For The Super Fan

Dark Humour

"Shut-Up Meg"

Best Bang For Buck

Stewie: "Damn You All"

Great Design

"Where's My Money Man"

Collectors Item

Cool Features


Family Guy Coffee and Beer Mugs

Family Guy mugs would make the perfect gift for any Family Guy enthusiast or super fan. They are great for everyday use. These large, colorful mugs feature main characters with a instantly recognizable gag from the show. 

Family Guy first aired in 1999. The dark edgy humor both shocked and delighted viewers. Family Guy has no limits on what the show will joke about. The show’s “gags” will leave you in shock every time, as you can see in the scenes illustrated on some of the mugs.

One of My Favorites – “Where’s my money man?” Mug

In this episode (scene) Stewie is looking to collect on a loan that Brian owns him. Brian says that he doesn’t have the cash on him but he would pay him as soon and not to worry. Stewie reacts with a over the top, violent and a mob style beating, yelling “Where’s my money man?”.

The genius of the writing is that you are left unsure if Brian has been avoiding returning the loan and brought the beating on, or if the beating was just a enormous over-reaction. Either way this scene goes down as a incredibly clever and funny Family Guy moment. 

The show has many ongoing jokes, such as Peter’s mortal enemy, the human size chicken… Stewie’s confusing sexual origination, and dozens more.  

For more about Family Guy check out the wiki page.

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