March 15, 2019

5 Best Frames To Showcase Collectables In Your Man Cave

Possible Frame/Display Layout Over Couch

wall layout
  • Red – 30.5″ X 22.5″ Jersey Frame
  • Green – 21.5″ X 14″ Trading Card Frame (20 cards)
  • Yellow – 18″ X 14″ 20 Ball Display Frame 

5 Best frames to showcase collectables in your man cave

Best Seller Jersey Frame

Deep Shadow Box Frame Holds More Just A Jersey

Fits Ungraded Trading Cards

Fits 25 Ungraded cards

20 Basesball Display Case

Fits Graded Trading Cards

Fits 35 Graded Cards

Possible Frame/Display Layout Around TV

  • Red – 30.5″ X 22.5″ Jersey Frame
  • Green – 21.5″ X 14″ Trading Card Frame (20 cards)
  • Yellow – 18″ X 14″ 20 Ball Display Frame 
  • 65 inch TV shown
tv frame layout

Jersey Display Frame

Displaying a jersey on the wall makes a impressive display. A framed jersey is a great way of to keep your jersey clean, protected from dust and UV light, but still enjoy seeing it and having it as awesome decor.

The frame for a jersey is quite inexpensive considering the size, and the uniqueness it will bring to your man cave.

Shadow Box Jersey Frame - Extra Deep

The shadow box jersey display frame is extra deep, allowing for the display of thicker clothing such as a jacket. The extra space inside the display also offers you a place to display other collectables.

Imagine the wow factor of three shadow box displays would have mounted on a wall over a couch. (See pic above, 3 red frames over couch).

Trading Card Frame/ Display Case

The trading card display cases featured above has been choose not only because of their reviews and value, but also because they cater to different needs of the collector.

  • The 20 card holder.  This trading card display frame holds cards that are not in a case. 
  • The 35 card holder. This trading card display holds 35 cards that are in cases up to 6 inches tall. 

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