5 Free Ways To Have A Light Show In Your Man Cave – Music Visualization

5 free ways to have a light show in your man cave

Music Visualization

free music visualisation


A great source of visual content.

  • Moving Colors (music visualization)
  • Music Videos (playlist or compilations)
  • Slideshow Of Images
  • Funny or Amazing videos (playlist or compilations)

Music Player

Music Visualization that reacts to your music.

  • Windows Media Player
  • Apple TV Music Visualizer
  • PS3 , XBox 360
  • See The App Section For PS4/XBox One

Screen Saver

Simple and requires no prep

  • Computer Screen Saver
  • TV Screen Saver

Cable Box

Explore your cable package to find channels like “The Fireplace Channel” or “Aquarium Channel” Free Visuals


Downloading a 3rd party app or software may be what you are looking for to have more option and choice.

Music Visualization - Brain Storming To Get The On You TV For Free

If you looking for some cool free light effects to help spice up your next party you have come to the right place. And you may even find a bit more.

This is not a how to, just some suggestions to help you work with equipment that you may already have.


  • YouTube is a great source of not only a light show of colorful moving line, shames and alike, but you can also have a visual show playing in the background of breathtaking aerial footage or the most bright and beautiful animals nature has to offer. 

The available videos that are 8 hours or longer and purposely made to play in the background and show off the capabilities of you 4K TV are plentiful.

Here are some ideas of what you can search.

  • Moving Colors (music visualization)
  • Music Videos (playlist or compilations)
  • Slideshow Of Images
  • Funny or Amazing videos (playlist or compilations)


  • YouTube is popular and already installed on most smart TVs, android boxes, and game consoles so getting the image on the big screen should be a breeze.
  • Plenty of content will ensure that you can find something suitable.
  • Can make a playlist of music videos or a mixture of whatever you want.


  • Steady drain on bandwidth maybe a problem if you are limited or want to use the bandwidth for other devices.
  • You need to have a way to show YouTube on your TV.
  • Some videos have ads.
  • Visualizations do not move to the music. (Assuming you are using your own music)

Check out YouTube.

This is a example of a youTube search for Music Visualization

music visualization youtube

This is a example of a youTube search for 4K Arial

Tip. Be sure to turn your volume down even if the video you choose has no sound. The ads always have sound.

Windows Media Player/ Game Console Music Player

Windows media player. For this option you will have to plug your computer into your TV and have the TV act as a computer screen.

Add your own music on windows media player, this can be a CD (if you have a CD-ROM) or Music that is stored in a digital format on your hard drive or memory stick. 

Older consoles may have players too! Explore your console and tell me what you find.



  • No internet needed
  • Visualization and colors move and react to the music.
  • No commercials or ads.
  • No gaps and shuffle all your music.


  • You need your own music on a CD or digital format that will work with windows or you game console.
  • Does not work with Spotify, YouTube or any other streaming music.

If you need help turning on your Windows Media Player Visualizer, check out this how to on wondershare.com.

XBox 360 Support

PS3 Support

Screen Saver

Some screen savers can be pretty cool, bouncing balls, moving lights or intertwining tubes.

Many devices have screen savers and are also capable of downloading additional ones. 

This could add a bit of visual stimulation to your room.

A screen saver can be actives on demand on many devices such as.

  • Computer
  • Android box
  • Game console


  • No prep needed
  • No internet needed


  • Limited Content
  • Low quality content

Cable Box Fireplace Channel

Your cable box may offer a bit more that you thought.

To add a cosy living light to your man cave try the fireplace channel. This channel plays commercial free and has the sound of wood cracking.

The fireplace Channel was such a success many cable providers added an aquarium channel.

  • Fireplace Channel
  • Aquarium Channel

Any similar channels on your cable box? Let me know in the comments.



  • No prep needed.


  • Limited low quality content.
  • You need your own music.
  • Found on your cable TV box


If you want to play your music throught a android device, PS4 or XBox One you are going to be at the mercy of App developers. 

This landscape is always changing and I do not see a clear winner. Check out some of the apps in the picture and let me know in the comments if you have found something that you would like to share. 

Check out slant.co for more support.


app visualizer

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