Man Cave Garage Floor Plans – Small One Car Garage

Man Cave Garage Floor Plans - Small One Car Garage

Man Cave Garage Floor Plans – Small One Car Garage

Are you looking for more living space in your home? It is time to get rid of all that junk in your garage and build a Man Cave.

Let’s have a look at four different floor plans for a small one car garage. The following floor plans are illustrated based on a typical one car garage size of 10′ x 20′.

Man Cave TV Room – With A Lock On The Door

A one car garage can make a great Man CaveTV room. Sure there are other TVs in the house, but sometimes you want a space you can lock yourself (or shut the world out) and relax.

Man Cave Garage TV Room

Man Cave Gym – A Home Gym

Drop your membership and have a home gym! Or at least a second option for the times when you want to sneak in an extra or quick workout. If you answered yes, you need a Man Cave gym!

Having a home gym makes it super convenient to workout.

Some advantages of having a gym:

  • Ditch the membership
  • No commute/ convenient
  • Private/ Full access to equipment
  • Used equipment is cheap
  • Control the environment/ make it what you want

Man Cave Garage Home Gym

Man Cave Garage, Game Room – Sports Pub

Need a place to entertain the boys? Build a Man Cave in your garage.

Essential Items

  • Beer Fridge
  • Pub Table and Chairs
  • TV with Sports Channel
  • Killer Sound

Man Cave Garage Games Room

Man Cave Garage Jam Space – Get The Band Back Together

Embrace your love of music by creating yourself a Mave Cave Jam Space. Garages make a good spot for a jam space because the walls that connect to the house are insulated, and block a lot of sounds.

Man Cave Garage Jam Space

Man Cave Garage Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks for you if you decide to convert your garage into a Man Cave or any type of additional living space. Unlike an unfinished basement, the garage already finished to the point of where we just have to clean it, paint it and furnish it.

1. Clean Out Everything – Declutter

More than likely your garage is being used for storage or just full of clutter. It is not always easy to get rid of large items or things that you feel are still useful.

Here are some ways to get rid of stuff.

  • Sell items on Kijiji or other buy and sell platforms. People will pick-up large items and even pay you! No matter what the condition give this technique a try. One mans junk is another man’s treasure. 
  • Still on the topic of buy and sell platforms. List things that you can not get rid of for free or curb alert, and someone will almost surely take it off your hands.
  • Check what programs your local garbage pick-up has. In my municipality, the city will pick up one large item per garbage day, but make sure it is still in one piece. If you have to beat it apart to get it to the curb, it just becomes oversize garbage that they will not pick up. So get that item to the curb in one piece, and it will disappear.
  • Use the city garbage dump. You can take hazardous materials such as leftover paint and used engine oil for safe disposal.

I Just Can’t Get Rid of Everything

There are some things that you need to have around. So let’s talk about how you are going to manage this. Everyday items you will find in your garage that you cannot get rid of will be stuff like a lawnmower and garden tools. So what we have to do is organize these items so we can get them out of the garage or at least make them easy to store.
Tupperware storage containers are a great way to store stuff. You can tuck things away such as Christmas or other seasonal items. See below for tips on packing-up extra stuff.

Tips on using storage containers

  • To have them stack in a very sturdy, stack identical containers, they are made to stack but don’t stack well from band to brand.
  • Consider transparent containers so you can get a glimpse of what is inside.
  • Use labels to list what’s inside the container.
  • Measure the height of your storage container and build a shelf to fit the container efficiently. For example, the height fits one container, or the height fits two stacked containers. Stacking the containers is efficient, and also looks great.
  • Use the overhead space and stack; your floor space is limited.
  • Put the light storage containers on top of heavy storage containers. (don’t stack it to be top heavy).

I Need My Tools

What about your tools? If you have a lot of tools, you are going to have to incorporate your tools into the decor. The key is to organize everything. A tool chest or bench is great for organizing. Find a place for everything.

  • Put garden tools in the garden shed.
  • If you have a shed turn it into a storage area.
  • Build or buy a shelf system.

2. Now that you have everything out of the garage, it is time to paint.

WallsNow that your garage is empty, you have to access the amount of finishing work you are going to do on the walls. Some garages will only be insulated and drywalled on the walls that are connected to the house.

You can insulate and drywall the remaining walls, or paint them as they are. If you do not drywall the unfinished areas you will have a loft look. If you want the garage to look like the rest of the house, you will have to finish all the walls with drywall.

The Floor

Garage floors are concrete. Unfinished concrete is dusty; it needs to be sealed. You can achieve this by using concrete floor paint.

There is also garage floor finishing products that are purposely made for garage floors. This finish is chemical resistant and is built to withstand floor jacks and other typical garage hazards.

3. Choose a Floor Plan

Now for the fun part, you have an empty freshly painted room. Check out my suggestions for Essential Furniture for any Man Cave.

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