How to build a Beautiful Wood Urn

The wood urn built in this example is made from mahogany wood. 

rough mahogany lumber

This Urn was built to have an internal space of 230 cubic inches. (as requested by the customer)

The urns internal space is often the most important dimension, so always keep that in mind. 

To achieve the 230 cubic inches in this urn, I cut my lumber for the four sides at 5 inches high, the end pieces are 6 inches deep and the front/back are 12 inches wide. 

Rough lumber

I’m using rough lumber so the surfaces must be planed and the thickness adjusted. I’m using a thickness planer and will finish this lumber at 3/4 inches thick. 

Buying the lumber boards finished is a option if you do not want to take this step. 

thickness planner

For this wood urn box I want the top and bottom to overhang the box construction. This will allow space for a router edge to dress up the urn.  

The dimension of the top and bottom pieces will be 14×8 inches. (all the boards in this project are 3/4 inches thick)

This picture show the amount of overhang on the top and bottom of the urn. 

The urn’s box corners will be joined with simple 45 degree cuts to give a clean finish. 

corner cut at 45 degrees
corner cut at 45 degrees

Using wood glue and clamps, the box is glued together and let sit for 24 hrs. 

The top of the box is also glued on but not the bottom. With this urn design, the urn is accessed from the bottom by removing the screws. 

corner cut at 45 degrees

Optional CNC carving. This Urn was customized with a CNC carving machine. The top panel with a sports logo and the front with name, DOB-DOD, and a short poem. 

This could have been engraved on a brass plate or other options used. 

cnc service

With this urn design, the urn is accessed from the bottom by removing the screws. 

Wood Urn

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