Party Lights That React To Music For A Man Cave

5 Best Party Lights That React
To Music For A Man Cave

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Shopping guide for Party Lights That React To Music For A Man Cave

It is always fun to throw a party, and having the right gear to entertain is essential. Most parties start with music and lights.

When it comes to party lights you certainly do have a lot of choices. Our list consists of high-quality party lights that will be reliable and long lasting. Here is what you should consider before buying a party light for your man cave.

1. A Mountable Party Light vs A Tabletop Party Light

The first difference you may want to consider is whether you want a tabletop unit or a mountable unit. Tripod units are also available but tend to be more geared towards professional party light hosting.

2. A Laser vs A LED Party Light

All the party lights that we suggest are either Laser or LED lights. They are modern, energy efficient, and long-lasting. The Laser and LED light units are different. Both Laser and LED party lights will give multi-color light and patterns. The laser party light pattern is sharper and complex.

3. The Direction Of The Light

Some party lights are designed to go on a wall or a ceiling and throw light in a certain direction. Others have moving or spinning heads to cast the light show in every direction. Think about what works best for you before buying.


More About Our Top Party Light Picks

DJ Stage Light

If you are very serious about your light show this Stage Light is for you. With Dual moving heads and sound activation, this light will make you look like a professional.  Easy for professionals and non-professionals to use.

Led Projector

This little LED Projector will put on quite a show. It has three different modes. Auto, music, and strobe. In auto, the colors change automatically. In music mode, the colors change with the music. In strobe, it strobes the colors. Comes with a remote.

Moving Head DJ Light

This moving head light is great for indoors. With its head moving 180 degrees tilt, and 540 degrees pan, it is ready to light up a whole room. 

Don’t let its compact size fool you, its twelve 30 watts LED lights are super bright.

Various control modes including sound-activated mode.

Color Changing LED Strip

This LED light strip comes packed with lots of features. 

It is 16ft long and 300 LED lights (can be cut to any length). Comes with two-sided tape attached for easy mounting.

The LED light strip has 4 modes, 11 brightness setting, and a 20 button remote. 

Laser Light Projector

Compact but powerful, the Laser Light Projector boost 24 different patterns and 96 different light combinations. 

Remote control included. Rest on a  tabletop or mount to the wall or ceiling. 

In Music mode this projector to provide the show, you just provide the music. 


Lights that "dance" to music - Sound Activation

While describing the light features, you will often see a “Sound Activation” Mode. What this means is that the unit has a built in microphone that will respond to the sound or music in the room. 

Sound Activation Set-up - Lights that Change and Move With Music

You are probably wondering if you will need additional equipment to get your DJ style lights to “move and go” with the music and sound. For the 5 DJ style lights on this page you DO NOT need any additional equipment for them to react, move and dance to changing music and sounds. The lights on our list have been chosen to be user friendly and with built in sound sensors. 

DMX (Digital Multiplex Signal) Compatible Equipment

Digital Multiplex Signal or DMX as commonly known, is a light controller that you can use to operate some lighting systems. Although a DMX controller is not needed for any of the lights on this top 5 list, some of these light are compatible with DMX controllers. The easiest way to determine if a light is DMX compatible is to look at the inputs and see if a DMX port is available. 

what is dmx

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