5 Best Trading Card Frames And Display Cases

5 Best Trading Card Frames And Display Cases

Big Collection

Holds 50 ungraded Cards

Best Bang For Buck

9 Card Screw-down frame

Great Design

Holds 20 Cards

Screw-down Trading Card Display

Cool Features

Holds 35 Graded Cards

Trading Cards Wall Mountable Frames - Shopping Guide

It is time to pull that dusty box of trading cards out of the closet and put them on display. 

Value of trading cards:

The value of a trading card depends on a couple different variables such as:

  • condition
  • year
  • player
  • how many were produced

But remember buying and selling trading cards is a marketplace, and the value of a player’s card can go up if the demand for the card goes up. This could happen if a player broke a long standing record or had a big news story about him/her.

If you are a hardcore collector, you really need to get that collection out in the open, and show it off with this LARGER THAN LIFE display cabinet. Wall mountable, lockable, blocks UV (ultralight) and real wood, it’s all you need.

For Example, Baseball player Mark McGwire’s rookie card sky rocked in 1998 because he was about to break a “career home run record”.  This was because fans wanted his card and there are only so many available. He was proving to be one of the greatest of all time. 

The steroid scandal that followed, brought McGwire’s rookie card back down to normal prices. There was not the same demand for the rookie card anymore so the price fell. 

Many (the mass majority) of trading cards have little to no monetary value, but they are great to look at and framed, make great decor. 

Framed trading card gift idea:

A great gift idea for a sports fan is to frame a display of his favorite player for him/her. Let’s use the 20 card display frame for example. You could easily fill this frame with trading cards of the same player and have a awesome, personalised gift. The most popular place to buy and sell trading cards is ebay.com. Popular players are sold in lots, and the low price for common cards will pleasantly surprise you. 

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