5 Best Back Bar Shelves To Display Liquor Bottles

5 Best back bar shelves to display liquor bottles - LED Lit W/ Remote

Back Bar Shelf

LED Bottle Pedestal


2 Tier LED Bottle Display

Saves Space

3 Tier Illuminated Bottle Shelf

Wall Mounted

Looks Great

4 Tier Illuminated Bottle Shelf

LED Lit Liquor Bottle Shelf - Back Bar Shelf or liquor display

Liquor bottles make an impressive and practical display.  An LED Lit Liquor Display Shelf will make your bottles look amazing and create a fun, visually stimulating environment. 

A multi-tier shelf makes a great space saver. Every tier of liquor bottles is sitting at different height, making all the bottles visible. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have a full bar, since these liquor bottle displays look great sitting on a counter top of any type, in any part of your house. 

Some Available Features:

  • Solid colors – use one of 16 preset colors or create your own shade. 
  • Ability to run program of colors – 4 preset color changing modes.
  • Control the time allowance of  each color/program
  • Remote Included – The remote gives you full control over the light system.
  • Dimming – Set the light to any brightness.
  • Play/pause – Stop and start from the remote.

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Customers reviews

"It is a decor home run!"

“People come to my house and see my liquor display and fall in love with the look of it. Then they go home and buy their own” 

-Happy Customer, Jill

"100% more awesome than i expected"

“I like to throw great parities and thought this would add to the atmosphere. I got it and it is 100% more awesome then it thought it would be.”


"worth Every penny"

“Expensive and over the top, but that is exactly what I wanted. It is worth every penny!”

-Customer, TFT


“I keep going to my bar room to look at it and play with the colors. “


"Saves space, looks great"

“The two tier shelf was a perfect addition to our bar. Easy to set up. “


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